ASL Glove

In the fall of 2015, I worked on a team of four students to do a nine week open ended project. With only the constraint that our final product must include a mechanical, electrical, and software component, we chose to create a glove that interprets American Sign Language Fingerspelling and transmits letters to a cell phone. All designs, code, and instructions to create the glove are public online here.

Our system consists of a glove outfitted with five flex sensors and a wristband that contains an Arduino, accelerometer, and Bluetooth module. Individual letters are determined with a combination of finger displacement data from each flex sensor and orientation data from the accelerometer.

When someone puts on the glove for the first time, they are guided through a calibration sequence so that the glove can accurately read the letters that they are signing. After that, letters are printed on the screen of the cell phone as they are signed.